Clyde W. Lord wrote this short history in the early 1970's.  It contains a narrative account of the families of the Greenberry W. -- Martha Chambers Lord, Elijah L. -- Irene Montgomery Fogleman, and Dock C. -- Ella Fogleman Lord.  This document entered the public domain in 1974 when Clyde Lord published it without a notice of copyright.  It is in memory of Clyde Lord, and in appreciation for his efforts on this history, that this document is made available on this web site.

The pdf document is divided into 5 sections in order to make it easier to download.  After opening each link, you can use the  "save page as" command under "File" menu to save the page on your computer as a .pdf file, readable using Adobe Acrobat reader.

Cover Page  (987 KB)
Appreciation and Table of Contents  (110 KB)
Chapter 1. The Greenberry W. -- Martha Chambers Lord Family  Pages 1 - 26  (2,276 KB)
Chapter 2. The Elijah L. -- Irene Montgomer Fogleman Family  Pages 27 - 36  (2,553 KB)
Chapter 3. The Dock C. -- Ella Fogleman Family  Pages 37 - 53  (3,557 KB)